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At Manadon Birds we offer a range of exotic birds for sale, large & small. Backed up with the knowledge & bird care advice from long term bird keepers.
In nominations of £10 and £25.



  • Bird cages & accessories

    From the smallest finch to the largest parrot, we have a cage for every size.

  • Food

    We have food, supplements, accessories & cages for all birds.

  • Pigeons

    We stock various accessories and food for pigeon keepers.




Some of our star birds.

Painted Finches (Emblema Pictum)

We have some absolutely stunning Painted Finches available for sale. This estrildid finch is also known as a Painted Firetail, & is found around Central and Northern Australia.

Red Headed Gouldians

These stunning finches are an ideal purchase for the serious bird keeper. These Gouldians are found in the Northern plains of Australia, where there are plenty of tall trees for food and cover.

Black Hooded Red Siskins

The Venezuelan Black Hooded Red Siskin is a beautiful bird with its stunning firery colours and black head.